Enrichment Football Suction Tug Toy

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Keep your doggy active and happy with this fun, stimulating, interactive enrichment tug toy!

You may have noticed that dogs love to play tug of war! The benefit of this tug toy - it allows dogs to play all by themselves. Perfect for pawrents who want to keep their doggy's busy while they aren't home.

Simply place the suction cup end onto any clean flat surface, floor or wall and watch as your dog tugs away independently, providing plenty of entertainment while tiring your fur baby out.

The extra benefit with this toy is the enrichment football, place treats, kibble or paste between the rubber nodules on the football to provide a fun enrichment challenge for your furry friend. While they forage for the treats the rubber nodules on the ball massage and help clean their teeth, to prevent plaque and tarter breeding.

Made from non-toxic TPR rubber and durable rope, the suction cup gives adequate resistance for your dog to pull on.

  • Material - Non-toxic TPR rubber & rope
  • Total Length: Approx 42cm
  • Football Size: 12cm x 5cm
  • Suction Cup: 9.5cm

 • To ensure the best suction possible, make sure both the surface and the suction cup are clean without any residue that will impact suction.

• Avoid using the suction cup on any areas that may have gaps or area's for pocket holes and uneven surfaces as this will impact the effectiveness of the suction cup.

• When placing suction cup on a surface, use either your foot or press down hard on the top of the suction cup as this will ensure the best suction for the toy is provided.

• Due to different climates, the rubber suction cup can become tougher, simply run it under some hot water to soften prior to application.

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