Growl Towels PVC Mat Non-Slip

Brand: Growl Towels

Save your fur baby from slipping at bath time with Growl Towels PVC non slip bath mat.

This PVC Mat can be used in the bath, shower or laundry tub, the textured top gives added security and reduces the risk of slipping, injury or anxiety for your furry best friend.

The suction caps hold the mat in place and protects your surfaces from scratches.The Mat has anti-microbial properties which makes it resistant to mold and mildew.

Can also be used as a feeding mat or for grooming.

  • 100% PVC for durability
  • Size width 39cm x 69cm

Designed in Australia


    • Simply wash the suction cups underneath the mat with warm water.
    •  Ensure that the suction cups are clean and free from soap when reapplying to the bath surface.
    •  Rinse and hang up freely to dry.


    • This is for adult use only, it is not suitable for children to position.
    • The mat is not suitable for babies and children in the bath.  
    • Do not leave children or animals  unsupervised.
    • Do not use on anti slip surfaces as it may affect the grip of the suction pads.
    • Care should be taken at all times as worn, damaged or porous bath/ shower surfaces may also impair the stability of the mat, especially in hard water areas.
    • Periodically inspect the mat in case any  damage has occurred to the mat or suction cups.
    • If any signs of wear or damage please replace the mat. 
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