Spiral Stake

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This Spiral Stake is a tethering device designed for dogs weighing up to 45kgs. It is easily installed into the ground and allows for tethering cables to swivel, preventing tangling of lines. This tethering device is handy to take with you to the beach or out camping when you want your dog to join you, or even used in the backyard while gardening. While providing you with peace of mind that they will be safely secured.

  • Spiral Stake works in all soil types
  • Triangle handle allows for easy installation
  • Swivel ring reduces cable tangling
  • Snap hook included

Colour: Blue

Dimensions: Stake 46cm | Handle Width 12cm

For Dogs under 45kg

Instructions: Select a site that is level and free of all obstructions. Twist the device into the ground until the dome is within 1 inch of the surface. Attach one of the tie-out cable clasps to the containment device and the other clasp to your pet's collar or harness.

  • This product is intended for pet only. Keep out of children's reach. 
  • Do not use with choke type collars or for walking your dog. 
  • Never use this out cable near or around obstacles in which you pet can become entangled.
  • Not all dogs can be tethered effectively - owner supervision and judgement are required.
  • Dogs known to be aggressive in nature should not be left unattended while on a tie-out cable
  • Always remember to provide fresh water for your pet.
Not intended for use with dogs that exceed the weight claimed on the packaging.  


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