Dog Bowls

Find the Best Dog Bowls for Your Dog When You Shop at DoggyTopia

Maybe you are looking for dog bowls that look pawesome in your kitchen or dining room, or maybe you need a dog bowl that works well for travelling or for when you're out on long walks. Whatever the reason, if you can't seem to find a bowl that meets your needs at the local pet store, try shopping at DoggyTopia instead. With a wide selection of dog bowl designs intended to meet a variety of needs, we can help you make sure that your furry friend is dining in style, wherever you may be.

Problems Our Dog Bowls Address

Why shop for raised dog bowls or other alternative options from DoggyTopia, rather than opt for the cheaper items you can find at any pet store or supermarket? Here are a few reasons to shop with us and invest in the quality that we provide:

  • Our bowls look terrific: We operate based on the belief that your dogs are members of the family who should be treated as such! Good-looking dog bowls to match your good-looking dogs are a fun way of spoiling your pups, while also getting something that perfectly complements the interior décor and style of your home.

  • Our bowls are easy to clean: Cleaning your dog's bowl regularly is important to ensure fresh food and water, and to stave off the build-up of mildew or potentially harmful bacteria. Our ceramic dog bowl designs are especially popular, not just because they look fantastic, but also because they are dishwasher-safe and easy to clean.

  • We offer portable bowls: Getting your dog to drink water when you're on the road or out for a long hike in the woods can be tough. We offer a variety of travel bowls designed to solve this problem, from collapsible travel bowls to dog-friendly water squeeze bottles.

What You Can Expect from DoggyTopia Regarding Dog Food or Dog Water Bowls

When you choose DoggyTopia for your dog food or dog water bowls, you can expect a positive experience every step of the way. Here are a few of the things our customers tend to love about us:

  • Our easy-to-navigate online store: Shopping online can be a challenge for certain types of products. We make it easy with simple site navigation, detailed product pages and full-colour photos of every product we carry. If you need a slow feeder dog bowl and buy it through us, you will know exactly what it looks like and exactly how big it is just from browsing the product pages.
  • Our free shipping: Don't worry about paying a bunch of money just to get your new dog bowl to your (dog) house. We offer free shipping anywhere Australia for all orders that exceed $50.
  • Our product quality: We don’t believe in cheap pet products. We like to pamper our dogs, and that means providing only the finest products made from the best materials. When you buy a dog bowl from us, you can reasonably plan to use it for years and years to come.

Why Customers Should Use DoggyTopia

At DoggyTopia, we think you should shop with us for one simple reason: we love dogs as much as you do. We think that fact is reflected in the products we sell, from dog bowls to bedding, but if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.



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