Hoodies & Knits

Is there anything as cute as a friendly pup dressed up in cute and spunky dog clothes? Giving your dog an outfit or costume that reflects its personality is fun and a great way to spoil them.

Hoodies & Jumpers: 5 Tail-Wagging Benefits for Your Dog!

  1. Temperature Regulation: For dogs with short fur or those that are naturally lean (like Greyhounds or Whippets), maintaining body warmth during cold months can be a challenge. A dog hoodie and jumper offer an extra layer to keep them warm during chilly walks or while lounging outside.
  2. Skin Protection: Some dogs have sensitive skin or conditions that make them susceptible to the elements, whether it's harsh winter winds or even sunburn in sunnier seasons. A dog hoodie or jumper can provide a protective barrier, reducing exposure and potential irritations.
  3. Post-Surgery Comfort: If a dog has recently undergone surgery, especially in the upper body or back area, a hoodie can serve as a gentler alternative to the cone of shame, preventing them from licking or scratching at stitches and providing a comforting, snug feel.
  4. Reduced Anxiety: Many dogs experience anxiety, whether from loud noises, separation, or unfamiliar environments. Much like the concept behind anxiety wraps or thunder shirts, a hoodie can offer a comforting, snug sensation, helping to soothe nervous pups.
  5. Fur Management: During shedding seasons, a dog's fur can get everywhere. While a hoodie and dog jumper won't stop shedding, it can contain a significant amount of the loose fur, reducing the amount that ends up on your furniture and clothing.


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