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The Benefits of Shopping for Our Dog Collars Online

Some dog owners think that dog collars are dime-a-dozen. But just as the outfits you choose for yourself express who you are and what you enjoy, your dog’s collar can be a fun way of showing off his or her personality.

By selling a wide variety of dog collars online, we make it easier to find the perfect accessory for your pooch.
Here are a few benefits of shopping with DoggyTopia:

Tips for Getting More Value out of Dog Collars in Perth

It is believed that kings, queens and Pharaohs were of the first to use dog collars to indicate who their owner was and what the status of the dog was.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Dog Collars

Finding the right kind of dog collars in Perth can seem like a daunting task, but with these tips and benefits, you can make an informed decision about what will be best for your pooch.

Picking the Right Size

Make use of our measuring instructions to ensure you purchase the correct size collar for your furry friend.

How to Measure Guide

Thick or Thin Collar Better?

For bigger dogs, using a wider collar around their necks reduces the chances of tracheal damage and ensures a much more healthy, comfortable, strain-free experience.

For Smaller dog breeds, thinner Collars are fine to go with, while thicker, wide collar works best for long-neck dog breeds.

How Tight Should the Collar Be?

The collar should be a snug fit but not too tight. There is a rule called “the two-finger rule” which refers to getting 2 fingers easily to slide them in between your dog's collar and neck once the collar is clipped on

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A commitment to spoiling your dog

Spoiling your dog is a lot of fun.

Buying colourful, fashionable or whimsical outfits and accessories for a pooch is a blast for photo ops, for showing off your dog to friends and more.

Where most businesses that sell pet accessories focus squarely on function, we try to balance that out with fun and style!

Show Off the Bling!!

Take your Fur baby out and about with an eye catching Rhinestone Studded Bling Collar that is sure to turn heads.

Choose Away!

Now that you have read this guide to buying a dog collar, we hope you find the right one for your dog, as all of them deserve to have a collar that fits them well, is comfortable and helps them stay safe.

You also want a collar that expresses their personality.

Feel free to refer to this guide for help. Share this guide with others in need of a dog collar.

If you have any questions, our friendly staff will be more than happy to help.
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Dog Collars Perth

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