Dog Goggles - How to measure & Choose

Dogs come in various head shapes and sizes, it's important to measure your doggy first, to ensure the right fit.

Step 1. Use a soft tape measure and measure above your fur baby's eyes, from temple to temple to avoid any discomfort.
Step 2. Compare your dog's measurement to the width/size of the Goggles to ensure the best fit!
*Tip: If you only have a ruler, use a piece of string or ribbon, run it from temple to temple, then straighten it out against a ruler to get the measurement.

Which one for My Dog?

Name Round Fashion Dog Sunglasses Round Fashion Dog Sunglasses Jelly Bean Dog Goggles Kaykos Dog Sunglasses
Size S/M M/L  - Small
Minimum Fit 6.0 cm 8.0 cm 8.0 cm 9.0 cm
Maximum Fit 7.3 cm 10.3 cm 10.5 cm 11.0 cm
 Name Reflective Dog Goggles Olive Dog Goggles Classic Dog Goggles
Size  -
Minimum Fit 10.5 cm 12.0 cm 14.5 cm
Maximum Fit 12.5 cm 18.0 cm 19.0 cm
Name  Razor Dog Goggles Ski Dog Goggles Rebel Dog Goggles Wild Dog Goggles
Size  -  -
Minimum Fit 15.5 cm 19.5 cm 18.0 cm 18.0 cm
Maximum Fit 21.5 cm 22.0 cm 22.0 cm 26.0 cm