Dog Party Supplies

Dog Party Supplies Available For Humans and Their Dogs

Our dog party supplies enable you to celebrate your pet’s or your birthday in style. Create a themed party, use a unique cake tin for baking delicious treats and biscuits, and invite a few human friends too, and create a deliciously fun and scrumptious celebration.

Benefits of Dog Party Accessories

Pawsitively show your dog that they are impawtant in your life, by celebrating their birthday. Find a dog friendly venue, provide the ultimate birthday cake, invite some friends, and add the final touches with some pawsome party supplies.

  • Protein Jelly shots: The selection of protein shots available are all natural treats you can make at home for your pet from human grade ingredients. Gelatine is an anti-inflammatory with brain protection properties. It also contains collagen, which the body uses to make bone or cartilage to promote flexibility. Proteins are a source of amino acids and energy.
  • Ice treats: Dogs also enjoy fluids other than water; our doggy popsicles contain coconut water, which provides electrolytes to support the immune system. They also contain berries which are beneficial for vision and prevent urinary tract infections. These products have no added sugar, preservatives or artificial flavouring.
  • Entertainment: Keeping your dog entertained is important to prevent boredom. Our range of toys which you can give as gifts to all your dog’s friends will keep them occupied and interested.

Common Mistakes People Make with Dog Party Decorations

You might think it is impossible to get anything wrong at a doggy party. Keep these few points in mind to ensure your next doggy party runs smoothly.

  • Hat and bow tie: Dogs vary in size, the last thing you want to do is hurt your pet with items which are too small. Ensure you check the sizes before purchasing a dog party hat, as designs and manufacturers’ products vary significantly in size. Many of our bow ties are adjustable from 24cm to 50cm, and the hat ‘s elastic circumference is up to 60cm. Make use of our easy measure guide to ensure you take the correct measurements.
  • Edible decorations: Not all doggies are sociable when it comes to eating and sharing food. To avoid a calamity, pre-pack a party pack for each dog which they can take home and enjoy there. While at the party, you can bake bone shaped biscuits to be given to the dogs by their owners as a little obedience treat. Avoid edible decorations.
  • Forgetting Privacy Bags: When planning your themed decorations, remember to include themed bags for when nature calls.

Parties can be so much fun, and when you share the good times with your furry friends and two-legged friends, smart planning and decorating will lead to a memorable occasion for all.

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