Make the Most Out of your Dog Snuffle Mat!

Making the most out of your New Snuffle Dog Mat provides huge gratification for your Fur Kid!

Dog Snuffle Mats are great mental stimulation while they vigilantly use their sense of smell to sniff and snuffle looking for their hidden treats. It can help in reducing anxiety as well as slowing down fast eaters, preventing possible digestive issues. 

What is the purpose of a snuffle mat?

A Snuffle mat is place to hide treats and food in for your dog sniff and forage for, providing mental stimulation and satisfaction of hunting for food.

What are the benefits of dog snuffle mats?

Dog Snuffle mats aid in mental stimulation by enriching their desires of hunting for food. It slows down the pace a dog can eat at providing a range of digestive and health benefits avoiding more trips to the vet. The help to relive anxiety with a fun and rewarding way of playing during times they may feel a bit stressed or destructive.  

Non-Slip bottom prevents the snuffle mat from moving all over the house, spreading any treats your dog is hunting for. Majority come with anit-slip rubber granules to stop sliding. 

They Double up as a comfy Floor Dog Mat to rest on after a tough day Snuffling!

Snuffle Mat Benefits

* Provides Mental Stimulation

* Reduces Boredom

* Relieve Anxiety

* Slows Down Gorging on Food

* Doubles as a Bed

Snuffle Mats Australia

Do snuffle mats make dogs tired?

Snuffling burns energy for a calmer dog.

For dogs to be mentally stimulated for roughly 15 minutes can burn as much energy as an hour of walking can for your dog.

This makes snuffle mats ideal for puppy energy, senior dogs with limited mobility, or adult dogs who have a lot of energy to burn.

Can Dog Snuffle Mats be for Multiple uses?

Certain Snuffle Mats have extra features to aid in tidiness and give alternate uses such as the Snuffle Mat Bowl and Round Snuffle Mat which can be used as a Slow Feeding Bowl along with the Snuffle Mat itself.

Can snuffle mats be washed?

Dog Snuffle Mats can be put in a washing machine on a gentle cycle along with sheets, blankets and towels.

Machine wash in cold water and tumble dry on a delicate setting.

What is the best snuffle mats for dogs?

If you have a small dog and don't want a snuffle mat taking up a lot of floor space, these ones would be suitable. Look here for dog snuffle mats in small sizes.

These snuffle mats for Large dogs provide those extra spots and space to hide the volume of treats to satisfy even the biggest of dogs can be found here.

Which Treats to use?

For the Pawfect Snuffle Treats you can pack into all the nooks and crannies of your Dogs Snuffle Mat, these All Natural dog treats made with 100% Human Grade Food here in Australia are the best!

Treat your Doggo to 1 or plenty Snuffle Treats here!

Snuffle Mat Treats

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