Meal toppers for dogs Australia

What are some of the benefits of using Meal Toppers?

Dog meal toppers help to improve their skin & coat, oral & gut health, freshens breath and aids in relief of itching. Bone broth dog meal toppers also aid in supporting better bone and joint health.

Are Meal toppers safe for both my cat and dog? 

Absolutely. All are made with 100% natural human grade ingredients, free of any preservatives or added sugar. 

Can Meal Toppers help soothe gut pain?

Bone broth meal toppers are full of amino acids, vitamins and minerals and is considered a nutrition powerhouse for Dogs and Cats! This helps make it extremely easy to digest, helping soothe for the gut. Although this healthy broth can be given to help Dogs and Cats heal and stay strong, it also works as an excellent raw multivitamin supplement for any pet at any age!

Pumpkin meal topper for dogs acts as a natural stomach soother and aids in removing excess water in a pet's digestive tract. Helping to add bulk to their stools and aiding in reducing issues with diarrhoea. 

How to add Meal Toppers to my Dogs Meal?

Dog Meal Toppers can be mixed into dry or wet food, served on its own or with some plain Greek yogurt. Sprinkle over food wet or dry as a topper approx 2-3 times weekly or as suggested on the packet. 

Where are these Meal Toppers Made?

Right here in Australia by L'barkery's very own pet nutritionist with over 40 years experience in the Pet Industry.

Best Meal toppers for dogs to choose from?

You can find the full range of dog meal toppers by clicking here.

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