Why won't my dog eat out of their bowl?

Why won't my dog eat out of his/her bowl

If your fur kid won’t eat out of their bowl anymore, it’s likely due to one of the following reasons: The food has changed, the bowl is dirty, the type of dog bowl, they were startled while eating.

Once you can pinpoint the cause, you will be able to fix the problem and have them eating out of their bowl again.

5 Most common reasons why your dog wont eat from their bowl

1 - Your dog may not be hungry:

If your dog is not hungry, there’s no need to force them to eat. Just waiting till they are ready to eat and try again later.

2 - Your dog may not like the change in dog food:

Dogs like Fresh and appetising food, so any changes that may affect it’s flavour, texture or taste may put them off eating.

Even if your dog likes the food, switching food can cause them to get an upset stomach. This is particularly common with senior dogs who are on the new food for health reasons.

When changing your dog’s food, you should slowly introduce it to them. Not only is this a better way to transition them to the taste and texture of the new food, but it is also better for their digestion so simply try mixing just a little of the new food with your dog’s favourite food first, then increase the amount of the new food you give them

If your dog still refuses to eat the food, then it might be time to try another brand or type of food or dog meal toppers which are not only tasty for dogs, but helps to improve their skin & coat, oral & gut health while freshening up their breath. Check out Dog Meal Topper options here.

3 - A new Food Bowl or Feeding Mat:

Another reason your dog may have stopped eating out of its bowl is a change in the food bowl or mat that your dog no longer likes.

Dogs can be picky, especially if they’ve gotten accustomed to where they eat and what they eat out of.

It may take a little time for your dog to get used to the new bowl or mat. You can try to feed your dog near the new mat first, then try moving it closer so they get used to it.

If the bowl is making a funny noise as your pup is eating, that could also be why they aren’t eating out of it. The sound may be annoying your dog enough that they no longer want to eat because of it.

The type of bowl may impact as each type of Bowl material can have their own pros and cons making it more or less ideal for your dog.

Plastic Dog Bowls – Generally the most common material used due to their inexpensive cost to make and easily available. Some dogs may not like eating from them due to the static charge that can make food stick to the sides.

Metal Dog Bowls – These are another popular option due to their cost and availability along with their durability and ease of cleaning. Many dogs prefer the way their food tastes in metal bowls, however they can get very hot in summer and cold in winter, so you’ll have to be careful on where you place them.

Ceramic Dog Bowls – Are another good option due to their strength and less likely to harbour bacteria than plastic bowls. Ceramic bowls are also non-porous and easy to clean, but can break upon knocking or dropping.

Marble Dog Bowls – An elegant and sturdy dog bowl option made from natural stone with their own unique patterns and colours. Easy to clean while the heavier material helps prevent the dog from pushing the bowl around, spilling water and food.

Make sure there’s nothing in the way of them getting to and from their mat or bowl. You may also try switching bowls or mats around if you notice there’s something wrong with them, like cracks in them or strange odours that could be what’s keeping your dog away from their food, and maybe they’ll come back to it if there’s something different about where they eat.

4 - Bowl Placement:

Sometimes it’s all down to where you’re feeding your pup. If you’ve moved the bowl to a new location, this is likely the reason they stopped eating out of the bowl.

Maybe your dog preferred the privacy they had before you moved the bowl, the flooring around the bowl may be slippery, or the environment is too noisy or busy for them.

Try moving the bowl to a different area and see if your dog will start eating out of its bowl again. However, make sure you consider why your dog isn’t eating before making drastic changes, as it could be due to stress or illness rather than location.

5 - The Bowl is dirty:

If your dog has stopped eating from their dish, there is a chance it’s because it is dirty and simply needs to be washed. It may be covered with food or water, have an odour they don’t like, or have old food on there that is not appealing to them.
To make sure your dog continues to enjoy their meals, make sure you regularly wash and sanitize the bowl to get rid of any scents or old food.

It’s also good practice to wash the dog bowl every day, even if it doesn’t look dirty. The term “licking the bowl clean” doesn’t mean the bowl is “clean.” The bowl may have leftover food and saliva from your dog that will start smelling over time. Keep your dog’s bowl fresh, so they want to keep eating out of it.

Retraining Your Dog To Eat Out of The Bowl:

Dogs, just like us people can develop many weird habits when it comes to eating food. If your pup has suddenly started refusing to use their dog bowl, you may wonder if they’re sick or if something else is going on.

Fortunately, it’s often easier than you think to retrain your dog back into using its dish. Here are a few tips for getting it done:

• When did this first start?
• Did anything significant happen you can think of? Eg Illness, new food, new person around, new house, moved to a different area, new bowl etc)
• Move the bowl to a different area or different room
• Wash the bowl thoroughly
• Use a different bowl and/or mat.
• Change the food you’re feeding them

Dogs typically develop preferences about where they like to eat and drink, so it’s essential to think about what your dog likes to help diagnose why they have taken a dislike to mealtimes. In certain more severe cases, we recommend contacting your vet with the information for further advice.

Make mealtime fun again

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We hope these hints and tips were helpful in providing some info to get your dog back eating well and healthy.

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